The present day world has achieved more than it has ever desired and the man with his adaptability and the erudition of mind has become the leader of this development. But in ascending the ladder of greed and desire man has forgotten that the real achievement comes through enrichment of oneself by rising above the sensual gratification and practicing Bhaktiyoga which manifests into the purposeful actions of evolution of the mind and soul.

For the same purpose it is absolutely necessary to design a module of education that teaches the rising generations the Vedic standards of living which is undoubtedly the purest and richest of all. Acharya Shri Akhil Ji Maharaj has laid the foundation of Bhaktiyoga Sewadham scheme which is starting from Shri Vrindavan Dham, India. Bhaktiyoga Sewadham is a divine abode aimed to provide the supreme Vedic and Sanskrit education to the young generation of India along with the contemporary disciplines of Science, Commerce, Arts and Linguistics.

Bhaktiyoga sewadham aspires to facilitate the coming generations with the best in class education without failing to incorporate the ‘sanskaras’ which makes us the finest of the living beings. It also endeavours to provide the following services as well,

  • Gurukul for the free Vedic education to the underprivileged scholars.
  • Auditorium for hosting cultural and religious events.
  • Rooms for the devotees coming for the Vrindavan Darshan.
  • Free medical camps and dispensary services.
  • Yoga and meditation classes.

Your generous contributions are our sole inspiration and we are looking up to your open hearted and benevolent support towards this cause. You can avail the membership of Bhaktiyoga Sewadham by donating $ 2100/INR 100000. Also you can donate more and get a Room constructed in your/ your ancestor’s or beloved’s name. Please donate generously towards such a charitable cause.

To become the Life member of Bhaktiyoga Sewadham or to donate towards the construction of Room/s etc, Click Here