Akhil Bhaktiyoga Foundation, India has taken the pledge of organizing the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha/Shri Ram Katha every year at various Pilgrimages – ‘Dhams’ of India. We started with the Vrindavan Dham moving to the Dwarka Dham and to Shri Jagannath Puri. Similarly we would be organizing the Kathas at Shri Badrinath, Shri Rameshwaram and many others in this succession. Listening to the Katha especially at these Dhams is not less than a divine experience in itself and such events occur in the life of the blessed few who have the treasure of accrued ‘Sanchit Punya’. Also we receive huge affirmation from the people wanting to attend this event and we successfully give them one of the best experiences of their life. Where the retreat in USA provides you with Learning and healing experience, here in India the Retreat will give you the experience of ‘Bhakti’.

Join us for the week in India or USA and treat yourself with the distinctive spiritual transformation.